Tasleem is a new player to Information Technology game. Our company was founded by experts to present the best services. From day one, Tasleem managed to secure and accomplish several projects for prestigious organizations in the Saudi market achieving remarkable success stories.

Legal form

Saudi owned, limited liability company (LLC).


IT services company.

Geo locations

HQ is based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Business Focus

  • Software solutions development,
  • Consultancy and business process automation,
  • Outsourcing services.

Points of Strength

  • Proven delivery model,
  • Strong management skills,
  • Deep understanding of business needs,
  • Flexibility in engagement.

Our Vision

Becoming one of the leading enterprise software solutions innovators in the Saudi market within the next decade.

Our Mission

Innovating software solutions to meet business needs, with minimal CapEX and OpEx, to make your dreams a living reality.

Core Values

Creativity, Simplicity, Integrity and Efficiency.


We started small and acquired more helping hands as our business grew. We were very picky about our new comers. Each and every staff member was selected for their skills and talents as well as the added value they will provide to the business.


Growing from only 7 Members, Today, we are proud to host more than 50 Experts and our family is still growing..



Please take a minute to watch our online presentation or download our brochure here below: